Our Borough Market stall is closed for refurbishment 23rd July - 2nd August. Reopening 3rd August.
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Pies baked in tradition

Baked in the rural capital of food and sold in the capital’s greatest food market — Mrs. King’s pies are loved by many, far and wide. Originally baked in Nottingham, now in Melton Mowbray, Mrs. King’s rich geographical history has created a perfect blend of quality and expertise.

With the traditions you expect from a Melton Mowbray pork pie and the innovation you expect in Borough Market — our pies bring together the best of both worlds. Mrs. king’s are the finest pork pies you’ll find in London — and that’s no porky pie.

Melton Craft. London Graft.

Borough Market

You can find us selling our pies in the historic Borough Market in the centre of London’s South bank. We’ve been delighting locals and tourists alike with our pork pies at the Market since 1998. We’re located on the Stoney Street side of Borough at the entrance opposite the Market Porter Pub. Come and say hello and taste our award winning pies.

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Queen Victoria gave birth to her son Leopold

Isambard Kingdom Brunel begins work on the Great Eastern Passenger Steamer

The Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh was born

And Mrs. Elizabeth King starts making pies

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170 years in the baking

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